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Wynyard autonomous is a special vertical of Wynyard Group. We offer high tech customizable Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for meeting special needs involving emergency situations. About Us
Wynyard Autonomous develops need-based Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) using niche technology that enables bodies to respond efficiently in emergency situations. Contact Us Efficient and
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Committed towards helping industries execute their aerial operations safely and responsibly

Wynyard Autonomous, the flagship entity of Wynyard Group, is a leading player in the UAS segment.

Wynyard Autonomous, the flagship entity of Wynyard Group, is a leading player in the Autonomous Vehicle segment. Our company operates globally and offers the most technologically advanced tactical Autonomous aerial vehicles.
Solving the most complex challenges in both commercial and security settings, our experts manufacture high-endurance, long-range Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs), designed for demanding operations and emergency situations across the commercial and industrial markets.
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Cohesive Relationship Model

We believe that each technical capability has the potential to advance in the direction of optimal utilization. Based on this belief, our vision is to build long-term associations with our end clients and delivery partners through our three-layer Cohesive Relationship Model. Accordingly, we aim to identify compatible industry leaders as our potential partners. Given our domain expertise, we introduce them to suitable clients. Additionally, we closely evaluate the process to ensure the best outcome for both our end clients and partners, enabling a continuous profitable business cycle
Leading the UAS industry and developing features to enhance flight safety

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Our strong network of industry experts in aerospace has made us the one-stop-solution to fulfill every requirement related to unmanned operations. With a huge clientele, we have successfully served multiple sectors as one of the leading firms in the business.
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