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Autonomous Vehicles revolutionizing the healthcare system amid COVID-19 health crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought health inequities to worldwide attention. It has highlighted the need to deliver high-quality healthcare to all, even in inaccessible locations.

As per Global Market Insights, the medical drones market was valued at $88 million in 2018 and will reach the benchmark of around $399 million by 2025.

UAS Helping to Responsibly Respond Within 72 Hours Of Environmental Disasters

Committed towards helping rescuers to responsibly carry out aerial operations, Unmanned Aerial Systems have emerged as a leading solution. Over the years, with constant advancements, they have been playing a pivotal role in rescue operations during environmental disasters.

The initial 72 hours have always been the most critical whenever environmental disasters strike.

UAS emerging as one-stop solution against accidental chemical leaks in power plants

Mitigating the impact of disasters, Unmanned Aerial System has emerged as an ideal solution for combating emergency situations. With constant advancements, it has become a highly preferred technology by rescuers.

Both natural and man-made disasters tend to destroy environments, making conditions extremely challenging for the relief workers as they are unable to access critical areas and provide assistance.