A leading player in the field of UAVs

We deliver competent autonomous solutions designed to facilitate a large array of operations seamlessly.

In order to strike a balance between the urgent demand for autonomous vehicles in the public safety domain and the constraint in their supply, Wynyard Group conducted a tech survey in the form of successive rounds in their client’s ecosystems, to establish a foreground before bridging the gap. The survey deduced that the present day market lacked the synergy between AV buyers and sellers for the deployment of suitable technology. The buyers are obtaining what fits reasonably in their budget, irrespective of the situational nuances. The need to expedite the adoption of competent autonomous solutions in the domain to avoid any detrimental setbacks, has become the way forward.

Our automotive technology aims to deliver pronounced safety benefits by facilitating a customized solution which is designed in a way to meet emergency response services of the customer, in the field of unmanned vehicles (UAVs). We move through the proof-of-concept phase impeccably by testing the system of our autonomous vehicles in the given environments which involves sensing the environment, processing the gathered data, and then acting on the information within the environment. Once we perfected the prototype and the testbeds, we ventured into offering expert consultancy for setting up customized, on-point solutions. This is in line with our client’s requirements, based on an on-field analysis inferred by our software.