A leading player in the UAV segment

We manufacture UAVs, ranging from medium to large sizes to facilitate a wide array of operations.


Committed towards helping industries execute their aerial operations safely and responsibly
Wynyard Autonomous, the flagship entity of Wynyard Group, is a leading player in the Autonomous vehicle segment. Our company operates globally and offers the most technologically advanced tactical Autonomous aerial vehicles. Solving the most complex challenges in commercial and security industry, our experts manufacture high-endurance, long-range Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) designed for demanding operations and emergency situations across the commercial and industrial markets.

Equipped with EO/IR systems, all our autonomous vehicles are fuel-based and customizable with a heavy payload capacity. Our expertise ranges from the manufacturing of components to offering turnkey solutions including automation of the products, their parts and subsystems which are delivered across the globe. Our autonomous vehicles with unique specifications are capable enough to save human lives, and ease the operations across all the sectors.

Our aircraft systems have all the necessary clearances from the authorities, giving our global customers an easy access to their capabilities.

Our autonomous vehicles are equipped with:

Heavy payload capacity

High endurance

High speed

Option of customization

Capability to fly in extreme weather conditions

Operational in GPS-denied environment

EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) systems

Class-leading mobility