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Hawk WA-P160 E2

Hawk WA-P160 E2 Home Overview It is a high-endurance unmanned aerial system with phenomenal range, designed especially for ISR operations. Boasting VTOL capability, it is extremely well-suited for mapping and surveying duties. Its exceptional endurance allows it to undertake long-range operations up to 840 km with payloads reaching 160 kg. Easing the tasks of law […]
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Albatross-WA-P250E20 Home Overview This UAS is equipped with high-tech camera possessing a thermal imaging option. The Albatross-WA-P250E20 is highly suitable for emergency operations, thanks to its payload capacity of 200 kg and an outstanding operational range of 2,200 km. Equipped with high-tech camera Covering range of 2220 Km Heavy payload capacity of 200 Kg
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Pelican WA-P45E5

Pelican WA-P45E5 Home Overview With vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability, this UAS can take off, hover and land vertically like a helicopter. Designed for long-range delivery and transport operations, the Pelican is capable of carrying 15 kg of payload with a range of 350 km. It has improved operational capability across various sectors, proving […]
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